Flow of History Lite 2.7

Flow of History Lite 2.7



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The Flow of History Lite is history for the 21st century.

It is history as it was meant to be experienced: a dynamic fluid process unfettered by the normal limitations of a history book. Instead of the standard names and dates approach to history you learned to hate in school, The Flow of History gives you world history in a series of 243 hyper-linked full-color flowcharts. Now you can explore the connections between various historical events and processes, both across time and between cultures.

The core idea of The Flow of History is to show the dynamics of history, how different forces and events (political, social, economic, and cultural) have interacted over time to create our world today.

Each flowchart is both a self-contained one-page overview of a particular topic and a hyper-linked doorway to the people, events, and forces that affected different periods in history and were affected in turn by them.

However, embedded in the links between flowcharts is the idea that the impact of the various forces and events in history neither begins with nor not stops at the end of that flowchart. Thus The Flow of History functions in essence as one flowchart broken into 243 sub-flowcharts hyper-linked together to encompass the entire human story.

Depending on your needs, the Flow of History can be a quick reference tool and study guide for specific historical topics, the starting point for deeper research with its hundreds of picture essays, or as an integrated world history tied together by hundreds of internal hyper-links.

But it's much more than that.

Here's what you get:
* 243 hyper-linked flowcharts including
* A master flowchart that links you to all 17 units
* 17 unit flowcharts linking you to every flowchart in that unit
* 225 individual full color flowcharts covering both standard topics (e.g., the Reformation, women™s history, World War II, the Roman Empire, etc) as well as less standard topics such as festive dancing, disease in history, and even the humble potato
* Detailed readings explaining each flowchart
* 17 full-color illustrated timelines

Whatever your interests or needs in the realm of history, The Flow of History is the first place to go.

The Flow of History: Thinking between the boxes.

The author has been building and refining this approach to history over 33 years of teaching. Along with local teaching awards, he received the Beveridge Family Teaching Award in 2001, the only teaching award in the nation given by the American Historical Association to a secondary school history teacher. An article about this can be found at http://news.illinois.edu/ii/01/0405/0405butler.html
For testimonials about this approach and sample flowcharts, check out www.flowofhistory.com

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For an even fuller history experience, check out The Flow of History, which has everything you™ll find in the Flow of History plus hundreds of picture essays on the inner details and trivia of history (e.g., Egyptian proverbs and fairy tales, extreme fashions in Revolutionary France, and the logistics of Alexander the Great™s army.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Systems: iOS

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